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In a historic marketing move, the legendary Judy Garland will have the honor of being the first person to have America participate in selecting her unisex fine fragrance. Partnering with Modern Luxury Media in the month of September (Miami – October), Americans can vote using a QR code for their choice of fragrance A, B, or C placed as an insert, full-page ad in all the September issues of Modern Luxury magazines. Modern Luxury has a reach of more than 16 million people, the nation’s largest luxury media company. Modern Luxury distribution is to 20 cities (21 publications). Besides being placed in luxury hotels and spas, the magazine is also per subscription and can additionally be found on newsstands, including Barnes & Noble among others. Voting is being fulfilled on the official JudyGarlandFragrance.com website.

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I see this insert in Modern Luxury magazine. Is this a legitimate campaign?

Yes. The insert is the brainchild of Vincenzo Spinnato, President/CEO of TurnKey Beauty, Inc., located in Capistrano Beach, CA. Spinnato and Modern Luxury Media have partnered to develop a campaign where Americans who especially love Judy Garland can have a say in the unisex fine fragrance, which will be specially formulated for this iconic actress and entertainer. Spinnato is working closely with the Garland family to develop this unisex fine fragrance, which will debut on what would have been Ms. Garland’s 100th birthday, June 10th, 2022.

Where and how can I vote? I called Modern Luxury and they want me to sign up for a year’s subscription.

Modern Luxury magazines are by subscription in large, however, the magazines can also be found in luxury hotels and spas as well as newsstands such as Barnes & Noble across the U.S.

I live overseas. How can I vote?

While we appreciate Ms. Garland’s international fan base, this particular campaign is running in the United States. However, the Vincenzo team is looking into whether there are any options for people who live overseas. At this time, this particular campaign is happening in the U.S. only.

Where can I get further information about this Judy Garland fragrance?

The official website for Judy-A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato is JudyGarlandFragrance.com.

What’s the fragrance going to smell like?

Spinnato is working closely with the Judy Garland family. Meticulous attention and detail is being made to not only the fragrance, but to bottling, packaging and design and so much more. The three scents currently under consideration have been created with a ‘modern twist’ to include things like favorite fragrances Ms. Garland used to wear as well as scents she liked in general. According to Spinnato, the Judy Garland Rose will be incorporated in some capacity to the final fragrance.

How much will the fragrance cost?

The official name of this fragrance is:  Judy – A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato. It’s named in honor of the late Judy Garland, one of the world’s most iconic entertainers and actresses. The fragrance pays tribute to her and to what would have been her 100th birthday while also incorporating the name of Vincenzo Spinnato the ‘certified nose’ behind the fragrance itself. Ms. Garland, a pioneer in inclusivity, loved all her fans equally as they loved her.

When will the fragrance be available to buy?

Some of these details are still being finalized. But the fragrance will be introduced to the general public on June 10th, 2022, what would have been Ms. Garland’s 100th birthday. The big reveal, including bottle, will be made at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Hollywood, CA.

Is there a telephone number I can call to get additional information?

Yes, you can contact: [email protected]