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VOTE NOW! A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato

Behind the Scenes

The Behind the Scenes from the Judy's Unisex Fragrance. Click on the questions to see answers*

JUDY – A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato

Vince meets with Judy Garland’s daughter

Vince is in his lab in Capistrano Beach, CA

First ‘scent’ test with Lorna Luft

Cosmetic Chemist and ‘Certified Nose’ Vince Spinnato takes a ZOOM call

It usually takes about 18 months to two years from concept to launch

Many planning meetings are held in the development process

Lorna Luft and Vince Spinnato meet with Modern Luxury

This is the official page appearing in Modern Luxury magazines

The Vince Team meets with Event Coordinator Claire Parsons at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Hollywood

Fans can participate in the ultimate JUDY GARLAND EXPERIENCE

Vince Spinnato is responsible for having the ‘ruby red slippers’ moved to CA

Investors in ‘Judy-A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato’ Kelly and Mark Lehl


A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato


Spencer Tracy

A Garland audience doesn't just listen, they feel. They have their arms around her when she works.